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Wide Range of Services

Comprehensive suite of services ranging from outsourcing and team augmentation to end-to-end project delivery. Our experts work diligently to navigate the full delivery cycle, allowing you to focus on the heart of your business while we handle the tech

Agile and Value-Focused

Quick and efficient response to changes, delivering maximum value to our clients. Regular communication and feedback, ensuring alignment with your business objectives

Problem-Solving Experts

Collaborative approach to task definition and technological design, involving domain and technology experts in strategical decision-making

Flexible Work Arrangements

On-site and off-site collaborations adjusting to collaboration that best serves your project, whether that means working remotely or being physically present at your location


Team augmentation


Significant reduction in the time from candidate search to successful onboarding. Team gaps will be quickly plugged in without recruitment delays, which translates to considerable cost and time savings, allowing businesses to keep their projects on track

Quality Assurance

The professionals sourced through these services come with proven skills and experience, ensuring they can hit the ground running and contribute to your project from day one. This helps to elevate the overall team’s quality and, by extension, the project results

Flexibility and Scalability

Ability to scale the team up or down based on project requirements. Whether there is a need for a few experts for a short period of time or a team for a longer period, team augmentation services provide the flexibility to adjust the workforce to the project's needs

Maintain Control

Gain the benefits of an external team while retaining control over the project. You dictate the direction, pace, and objectives, while the augmented team works as an extension of your internal team, ensuring integration and collaboration

Dedicated teams

Focused Delivery

Dedicated teams build custom solutions for startups and enterprises. As we manage the execution of the project, you can keep your focus on strategic decision-making and oversight, ensuring that the project aligns with your overall business goals

Enhanced Productivity

A team with full-stack skill sets and shared responsibility enhances productivity and ensures that every aspect of the project is adequately catered for


The dedicated teams service can be more cost-effective than hiring individual team members, reducing overhead expenses and recruitment costs


Dedicated teams offer the flexibility to scale up or down based on project requirements, allowing for effective resource and cost management

Engineering consulting

Solution Architecture

Eliminate the lack of technology expertise and reduce the risk of digital failure by involving top experts in the early stages of solution design

Technical Assessments

Assess the feasibility of your solutions, optimize them, explore alternative options, and leverage our technical expertise to receive actionable recommendations for infrastructure optimization and selecting the right technological stack

Project Management

Expert guidance in project management to gain control and ensure successful planning, execution, and timely delivery of your initiatives



Benefit from data-driven decision making, minimized risks, in-depth understanding of the opportunities and challenges of AI & ML solutions, and documentation with actionable recommendations

PoC Development

Guidance through the step-by-step process of problem definition, data preparation, model training, evaluation, and documentation, enabling validation of the potential of AI/ML solutions and making informed decisions

Solution Delivery

Delivery of NLP chatbots, predictive analytics, and other AI/ML solutions that enable the business to leverage automation and data-driven insights for enhanced decision-making

Software development

Custom Software

Managed delivery of comprehensive, scalable and cost-effective solutions to address specific business problems. Full-stack and full-cycle software development with the focus on business value and solution viability, feasibility, and usability

Maintenance and Support

A dedicated team will handle change requests, fix bugs, provide infrastructure advice, offer user support, and guide future improvements, ensuring uninterrupted operations and system reliability

Infrastructure services


Adopt DevOps practices in your team by adding a DevOps expert or work with our consulting experts to assess and implement such DevOps practices as continuous integration and deployment, infrastructure as a code, and others


Benefit from expert support in designing efficient, cost-effective and secure cloud architecture and maintaining scalable infrastructure, unlocking efficiency and harnessing the full potential of cloud technology

Infrastructure Solutions

Plan, design, optimize and manage the IT infrastructure advised by our infrastructure experts. After the infrastructure is set up, evolve it through administration, monitoring and troubleshooting activities


UX/UI Design

Enhance web and mobile applications with UX/UI design service, focusing on solving business problems and delivering optimal user experiences. Our expert designers create intuitive interfaces that prioritize seamless navigation and maximize user satisfaction

UX/UI Review and Audit

Evaluate the design of a digital product, analyzing aspects such as usability, accessibility, and visual appeal to identify areas for improvement and provide actionable recommendations to enhance the overall user experience and align it with business objectives

Ideation services

Research and Development

Validate concepts and progress toward working prototypes by leveraging expertise in discovering innovative solutions, building rapid end-to-end prototypes for testing, and conducting fast-paced experiments to explore new ideas and cutting-edge technologies

Rapid Prototyping

Create scaled-down versions of products or solutions for quick validation and feedback. This allows for iterative design iterations and testing to efficiently refine ideas before proceeding with full-scale development


Backend Development


Scalable high performance and availability cloud-native solutions using a wide variety of frameworks such as Spring, Micronaut, and Hibernate


Scalable high performance and availability server-side applications and APIs applying technologies such as Entity Framework, Web API, and WCF


Light services using frameworks such as Express. Leveraging an event-driven I/O model for RESTful APIs, real-time applications and microservices


Wide experience implementing components in Scala, Python, C++, Go, etc. Strong belief in efficiency through choosing the right tool for the task at hand

Web Development


Responsive and interactive web applications ranging from single-page sites to complex business applications integrating real-time data


Interactive and scalable web applications implemented through solutions such as Redux, React Context API, Next.js, and Material-UI


Dynamic and responsive web applications through reactive data binding, Vue Router, and Vuex


Robust web applications utilizing various PHP frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony, and Phalcon. Adapting PHP products such as Moodle and Odoo


Scalable web applications and services using powerful MVC pattern, Web API, and .Net Core

Mobile Development


User-friendly iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS applications utilizing frameworks such as SwiftUI, UIKit, integrating with Apple frameworks and APIs

React Native

Responsive and robust cross-platform mobile applications, utilization of platform-specific APIs where needed


Rich and performant cross-platform mobile applications utilizing Flutter’s reactive UI framework and rich widget set


Wide range of applications across various platforms, including Android, web and desktop; applying frameworks such as Jetpack, Coroutine, Room



Deep understanding of relational data modelling and applying Postgres advanced features. Performance, scalability, availability, and security tuning


Relational data model optimization, data integrity and security through basic relational and MySQL advanced features


Relational database solutions for various applications and enterprises. Integration with other Microsoft technologies


Applying flexible key-value data model and automatic scaling capabilities to handle large-scale applications and unpredictable workloads


Scalable and resilient data pipeline design and event modelling. High-throughput event-driven systems


Flexible and dynamic time-series modelling and implementation through flux queries and proper data retention design


High-performance and scalable caching, messaging and real-time data processing solutions through Redis pub/sub messaging and data persistence


Experience with wide variety of data persistence and messaging solutions such as Aerospike, DB2, Neo4J, Neptune, Jackrabbit, and Cassandra

Cloud Platforms


Extensive cloud-native software through AWS components such as ECS, EKS, Lambda, Step functions, RDS, CDK, DynamoDB, and Kinesis


Comprehensive cloud computing applications leveraging various Azure services such as Virtual Machines, SQL database, Storage, Functions, DevOps, and AI platform

Google Cloud Platform

Cloud-based solutions leveraging various GCP services such as Compute Engine, Firebase, Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL, and Cloud Functions



Microservice architecture done right covering all aspects of modern scalable software. Service Mesh, Monitoring, Orchestration, and Choreography


Decentralized applications integrated with blockchain networks through technologies such as Ethereum, Solidity, Web3.js, and custom blockchains

Event Sourcing

Scalable and resilient event-driven systems and workflows. Event schema design and audit-friendly applications enabling complex business logic


Generative models

Prompt engineering, custom GPT models, and OpenAI integrations

Machine learning

Predictive model design, training and validation for various applications and industries through use of libraries such as TensorFlow and PyTorch


Scalable and efficient data processing pipelines through technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, batch and stream processing. Data engineering and modelling


Banking & Finance

Ground-up development of end-to-end core business applications: fin-tech portal enabling crypto portfolio management, real-time profitability monitoring, OTC & external exchange trading, strategy mirroring; government-issued saving notes portal; backbone systems for major international exchanges and banks


Development of mission-critical applications ranging from back-office to onboard vehicle systems including software for several major German car manufacturers: ride-hailing and car-sharing platforms for multiple cities in Germany, Spain, USA, and China; AUTOSAR configuration software; vehicle teleoperation solution; car collision reporting. Maintenance and support of wide range of systems

Retail & Commerce

Implementation of core business applications such as electronic invoice portal supporting handling and maintenance of invoices of different standards for Scandinavian and international market; integration of payment terminals in retail POS systems for major Scandinavian retail chains; development of loyalty card supporting software for international store chains

EU Organizations

Developing software supporting EU-wide initiatives, programs and offices, e.g., intellectual property management for European Union Intellectual Property Office; various ERDF projects in cooperation with academic and scientific entities; Erasmus+ projects such as AI/ML based business plan assessment software

Public Sector

Helping public sector organizations to digitalize their business processes, modernize existing systems, implement data integrations to several EU centralized systems and maintain legacy systems. Software for e-services and processes for the governments of the Baltic countries


Developing large scale union catalog Integrated Library Systems as well as various digital library solutions with petabytes of data stored, indexed, and managed


Solutions ranging from large existing insurance system customizations and maintenance to individualized product development covering specific insurance products and end-to-end customized solutions for top insurance companies operating in EU countries, Scandinavia, and all over the world


Broad experience developing high availability scalable systems across a variety of industries, for example, an ultra-high data throughput quiz gaming platform with Android and iOS user interfaces; machine learning software for business plan analysis; royalty calculation software for top US music industry players; modelling software supporting custom DSL development

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